The managers of our department are ready to promptly assist you in choosing the most profitable and liquid object and agree on the terms of purchase.
We value your time, so we are ready to keep you informed of the dynamics of price growth per m2 of your property.
This will allow you to manage your capital effectively, and timely reinvest funds in new interesting projects with active growth in value.
Translation services
  • Preparation and selection of liquid objects with the characteristics you require
  • Consultation on permit documents
  • Packaging and price formation
  • Preparation of the contract
  • Real estate transaction support (signing and assistance in payment).
Buying residential property
Preparation of documents
  • Selection of commercial premises in residential complexes
  • Coordination of project decisions in commerce planning for the goals and objectives of tenants
  • Approval of wholesale offers
  • Approval of the schedule of installment payments on comfortable payment terms.
Buying commercial property
Consultation on permit documents
Capital reinvestment
Legal and notarial services
Real estate management
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