A fully renovated apartment by DIMgroup is a profitable investment.
You get a fully renovated apartment right after the building is put into operation
This significantly saves your time and allows you to do more important things
Perfect business decision
You can rent such an apartment out right away or sell it
You have the opportunity to choose a renovation design platform to your liking
High-quality materials, excellent renovation, and design work guarantee
That you will forget about the renovation hassles for a very long time.
Average annual yield
Fully renovated apartments by #READYDIM are highly profitable because the DIMgroup is always investing in the best materials, infrastructure, and design of the residential complexes.
Construction of lower floors
Construction of middle and upper floors
1400 usd
Internal engineering systems
1550 usd
Facade works and landscaping
1750 usd
Putting into operation
2000 usd
Increase in value
You simply need to choose one of our approved design projects, created by professional designers, and if you wish - the furnishings. We took care of everything else.
It is a management company created to provide the most comfortable living conditions in apartment buildings
We are responsible and take proper care of the residents’ common property, engineering systems and communications, cleanliness, and order in public places, reducing the cost of utilities through innovation in the energy efficiency of buildings.
dim expert
We believe that every square meter of space in the residential complex deserves to be well-groomed and cozy, and every cent should be spent to advantage. Rationality is the basic principle of the DIM Expert service.
Quality control
We take care of the homes we manage as if they were our own ones. Our managers are regularly gathering your feedbacks and wishes about our work, in order to continuously bring the level of our service to the ideal
We have a team of professionals with extensive experience. Your home is in the good hands of qualified professionals with a wide range of activities - from elevator maintenance to heating production.
A prompt response to any question and its quick solution is the basis of the DIM EXPERT service. Each client has one’s own virtual office, where one can get the whole range of necessary information.
Deratization and pest control
Maintenance and current repair of all engineering systems, technical devices, and elements of external finishing of the building
24/7 maintenance of home dispatching systems, firefighting automation, and smoke removal systems
Territory cleaning in winter
Maintenance and preventive checks of elevators, ventilation ducts
Landscaping and lawn watering in the outdoor territory
Regular and high-quality cleaning of common areas, outdoor territories, technical floors
Control of power supply of elevators and pumps
Lighting control and timely replacement of bulbs in the public building areas
Official representative office Director
Lazarov Str., 33 Rishon Le Zion, Israel
David Frenkel
+972 53 388 8338